Reunion in Paradise

photo 5

Ahhh….. I LOVE the ocean! I just love looking in to the expanse of the blue water, listening to the waves and watching the sun’ rays glisten and dance on the water.

On my last two trips to LA I have been fortunate to visit Crystal Cove. The first visit was a romantic morning walk with hubby along the shore, followed by breakfast at Beachcombers. It was really a lovely way to start our runaway weekend from the kids! …
The 2nd time was inspired by my friend, Anita Dhillon, who will soon be featured in the Colourful Women page. Anita jogs  at least 4 miles along and 4 miles back on this beautiful coastline every weekend. This time it was a reunion of 3 of us friends – such a beautiful way to catch up while connecting with God’s gift to us and getting a work out!!
We walked, talked, jogged, and stopped to soak in the Sun’s energy, Nature’s beauty, and the moment.  It surely was a new way for us to get together.  Not at a bar, not at a restaurant, and not in Las Vegas!  Perhaps it’s a sign of the times…  A new age, a new thought, and a new feeling… It was perfect!
Pictures speak THOUSANDS of words… BUT the video will hopefully connect you to that moment of magic in paradise. (redundant?) that’s how much I loved it!