Although this blog is not solely intended for mummy and me stories, my funnies are mostly about my boys and me… and that’s what keeps me smiling through the day, with a chuckle here and there.

I had invited a friend and her gorgeous son over for a play date with the boys one afternoon. Again, everything goes well… the 3 boys play well, share toys, have a few giggles and few tantrums, a bit of possessiveness, and a bit of fair play… all on queue as it should be. Dinner time comes along, the 3 get seated and we mums get to work with the feeding process. My friend with her eager toddler, and I take my place in front of the two high chairs. The boys all eating and singing and chatting. The next thing I know, I have a bowl of pasta flung on my face and I’m covered from head own in a very saucy pasta! I held the bowl too low and one of the boys while swinging his legs and singing got a good kick at the bowl and voila! A perfectly embarrassing moment! I did however wish at that moment my friend had her video mode on and captured it to be poste on UK’s funniest home videos!!!

Life is fun…it’s unpredictable… it keeps you on your toes and can keep you smiling and laughing if you allow it!