Why ColourMeWoman?

My 2 year old twin boys are exploring and recognizing colours and love looking at ‘reynbos’ (rainbows).  Colours excite them.  Their excitement excites me.  Their vision is pure and beautiful and in the 2 ½ years I have spent dedicated to them, their vision has given me a new perspective on me, on women, on life.   Don’t get me wrong, there are days, their actions make me want to run away and cry out for help! And make me wonder what in the world am I doing??? Isn’t going to work much easier? Perhaps I should be out every night having a drink with a friend or two – just to get the ‘edge off’ a trying day of terrific two’s x 2!  Loads of conflicting thoughts and emotions rage all day…. And then I look at all the amazing women around me, and the grace and beauty each one of them have in handling their lives, their families, their careers, their passions.

I have grown up with abundance of ‘colour’ around me.  My father has always been in the textiles business – living in Hong Kong, Japan, India, Kuwait and California. His creativity in business, fashion, carpenting and cooking has always kept our family on our toes and very entertained.  My mother, very modern and fashionable for her time, chose to wear her abstract and colourful silk saris to her executive position at Kuwait Airways, attracting a lot of respect from her peers.  My elder brothers are artists and our homes were always adorned with their oil canvases, batik silks and wood carvings.

This, by no surprise, led me to study fashion and merchandising at the Fashion Institute in Los Angeles, and gave me a lovely career in the Industry, and then later designing Indian wedding outfits and contemporary dresses with saris.  This then lead me to starting a handicraft Interiors business with my parents where, amongst many things, I had the platform to create home furnishings and assisted in designing sets for sitcoms, plays, and independent movies.

In London…I started my own real estate business along with designing and staging serviced apartments.

Here I am now… and mother of 2 toddlers… exploring and discovering a new phase of my life.  My head is as submerged now in motherhood as it was once in my career.  And while it is, I have the desire to explore ‘me’ and my ‘friends’ and what makes us ‘tick’ outside of our careers and our commitments.

Join me in making this a fun and special place….where we can tap in to the lives of colourful women we feature on this blog, and all things amazing!



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