Reiki Life with Anupa

The Oxford Dictionary describes it as “A healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the recipient by means of gentle touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being.”

What is Reiki?

Rei (Universal/Spiritual Life) Ki (Energy).

A Reiki practitioner channels Universal Energy to the recipient energising the recipient’s own inner energy to assist in the healing process.  Reiki helps re-align and bring balance to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being.  It activates your inner ‘Ki’ to assist your body in healing itself.

Some things that REIKI can assist with:  

(* professional medical advice is to be sought for ailments, illnesses and medical issues and your GP should be made aware of any complementary treatments you are receiving*) 

  • De-Stress
  • Build self-confidence

                Make YOU work for YOU
  • Remove Negative Energy
  • Help promote peaceful sleep
  • Working on challenging relationships
  • Helps promote loving energy
  • Helps work through career and work pressures
  • Can assist the body to heal and receive medical treatments effectively
  • Can help de-stress students from exam pressures 
  • Can help promote and regenerate the healing energy within ones own body
  • Can help approach life pressures with calm and balance
  • Can assist the body in dealing with changes in a calm and balanced fashion
  • Can assist the mind and emotions to handle change positively and calmly

What happens in a Reiki session?  

A Reiki session can be received sitting up on a chair or laying on a therapy couch.  The recipient is fully clothed.  Reiki is then given through gentle touch on key parts of the body moving from the head to the feet or starting at the feet and moving up to the head.  If the recipient is uncomfortable with being touched then then the healer can raise their hands above those key parts and still give an effective reiki treatment.

Who can benefit from Reiki?

The gentle, safe and natural healing attributes of Reiki can be used on medical conditions and can benefit people of all ages from babies, teenagers, pregnant mothers, pre- and post- surgeries and other meidcal treatments.  Reiki works very well with the elderly as well.

The balancing aspect of Reiki can help reduce stress, depression, addictions, and emotional trauma.

New mothers and mothers of little ones often feel more relaxed and have a more positive aura after a treatment allowing them to get a good night’s rest.  Babies and children may also pick up on this calm energy which gives them more restful sleep as well.

Is Reiki recognised in the Medical profession?

Reiki is recognised as a complementary therapy by the medical profession.  It is offered at many NHS hospitals to patients undergoing medical treatments as well as to children suffering from severe medical conditions.

About Me

This beautiful journey of life that I have been blessed to travel has lead me to become an Inspirational Coach and a Reiki Healer.

If you believe that all our lives are directed by a ‘higher source’, then this source has been working on me for the past 40+  years, taking me through a colourful range of professions, different countries that I have called home, interacting with so many fascinating people along the way and being a mother of two very vivacious young boys to equip me with the tools and skills I have today.

I am very passionate about motivating people and making them realise their potential and the role that they play in their own lives as well as the role they play in the ‘big picture’ of life.

We are all blessed with amazing talent and knowledge but through the course of life we compartmentalise many and then eventually forget about them.  I am always open to sharing my journey of connecting with my true self, my Source, to help you connect with YOUR self/Source.

I am 3rd Degree Reiki Master Certified in the Usui Shiki Riyoho method which is a natural system of healing created by Mikao Usui in the early 1900’s in Japan.  His work was translated and introduced to the west by Hawayo Takata who had travelled to Japan from America in the early 1900’s and got cured of her illness by Chujiro Hayashi – a student of Mikao Usui.  I was attuned in Reiki I & II in 1998 and Reiki Master III in 2017.

Practitioners using the Usui Shiki Riyoho belong to a lineage that directly originated with Mikao Usui.  My Reiki Master, Dr. Kamal Bhojwani, is 9th in this lineage, making me the 10th.

I continue to evolve and grow through this path and through continuous learning and I can help you do the same.

I practice from my studio space in North Finchley,  48E Percy Rd, London N12 8BU as well as do mobile treatments in the comfort of your own home.  

Mobile treatments and Studio Treatments

1st Session

60 minutes treatment time +30 minutes of consultation spread before and after a treatment:  £90

Follow-Up Treatments

60 minutes =  £65

45 minutes = £45

Courses of 4-6 treatments can be a combination of 60 & 45 minutes sessions.  Course prices can be worked out as per the number of sessions and length of time.

To fully enjoy the benefits of Reiki treatments it is recommended to have a course of sessions.  This can be discussed after the first initial full-body treatment.

These prices cover the following London areas:

Golders Green, Hampstead, Garden Suburb, Finchley, Hendon, Mill Hill, West Hampstead, Edgware, Swiss Cottage, Belsize Park

 For the following areas please add an additional £10

St. John’s Wood, Wembley, Harrow, Camden, Barnet, Stanmore, Pinner, Northwood

  For a FREE consultation or to BOOK a treatment you may contact me, Anupa, on 07870 190 657.

Or please use the form below if you have any queries: