‘Wear your heart on your sleeve’ – Major Ritu Pant

This morning I was forwarded this inspiring video of Major Ritu Pant – Serving Indian Army Officer.

I have watched it over, and over again and have hung on to every word of hers.

My attempt at translating the poem- please forgive any errors and mistransalations:

‘Dekha hai toote taron ko manzilon pe aate hue’

I have seen broken stars fall to the earth

‘ashkon se bhari aankhon ko geet gungunate hue’

their tear filled eyes singing songs (telling their story)

khud pe yekin hi kafi hai jhukane ko aasman

one’s own faith in oneself is enough to make the skies bow down

varna suna hai maine bhi kismeton ko vajud mitate hue 

or else I have heard that luck (Kismet) can destroy one’s own existence (ego)

A friend has kindly translated the same poem for me:

‘Those who were thought to be down and out have also been known to rise from the ashes.

Their stories are an inspiration for others despite the pain they have endured

No hurdle is greater than one’s faith in their true self once it’s been realised

It is no surprise that the existence (ego) of those who suffer from excessive pride (without knowing of the inner self) in annihilated through their own doing.’

Major Ritu Pant has come to the limelight due to her participation in Mrs. India Earth 2017.  I am grateful to this contest only because it has brought to light a hidden gem.  Major Ritu Pant has served in the Indian Army for 12 years, is married to Dr. Vivek Sood who is a doctor in the Army Medical Corps, and they have 2 lovely daughters.

In 2015 she was awarded for rescuing 18 young soldiers who were injured in  ID blasts in Manipur, North East India.

Allow me to share with you the highlight of her introduction:

“I am an amalgamation of dedication, devotion, compassion and hard-work.”

“I am a writer, poet, singer, guitarist, avid reader, fitness freak and most of all a God-fearing lady.”

‘A message to all women, “We are power.  We have the power to stay strong against all odds.  We have the power to stay determined to follow our dreams and to listen to our heart. To answer all the questions which we ask ourselves.  Wear your heart on your sleeves’.

“If you dare to dare, dare to dream, dare to achieve, then nothing can stop you.”

She brings a message of “love, peace and humanity to the world” and wants to “subtract crime and violence against women; hatred and negativity from society.”

Wow!  I salute you Major Ritu Pant for being a ‘complete‘ and ‘whole’ woman.  For your courage.  For celebrating yourself and your talents.  For your compassion.  For your dedication to your country – India.  For protecting your country and your people.  For bringing a very important message of daring to dream and to achieve and your message of love and compassion to women and to the world.  For reminding us of the power each one of us has in us to ‘be’ women and to celebrate all our inherent female qualities ‘amalgamated’ in to one.  For reminding us that dedication and hard-work are core values that can only have impact with compassion and devotion.  Your ‘princesses’ are very blessed to have you as their role-model.

Jai Hind!



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