Welcome to Colour Me Woman

Colored Oil CanvasPeople are BEAUTIFUL and COLOURFUL.  Sometimes, it takes one with beautiful vision to recognise the beauty in another.  Most of the time, one needs to look within and appreciate oneself and recognise the beauty within!

Colour Me Woman has been created for and dedicated to all the beautiful women in the world who are a significant part of our lives, or who we desire to emulate. We tend to spend time following and idolising celebrities, and there are a large number of them, who truly are remarkable and great role models.  However, the focus here is on US and the women who walk among us.  You are all heroes in your own right and to the people who look to you.  Among us, in our families, in our communities, at work, in our various circles, are women that make a huge impact on us, on the community and many on the world at large.  We want to celebrate them.

Colour Me Woman is also dedicated to women who are so busy being … who need to come up for a breath of fresh air every now and then from their lives, be it their careers or their families, and have the need to reach out to something light, to something fun, or even a reminder of who they are deep inside.  For you ladies, we have our fun updates on movies; music; cocktails (AND where to find a good one), useful gadgets and apps; a great recipe (OR where to eat a well made one!); where and how to connect with nature, a yoga pose for the day, or fashion and beauty updates.

I invite you to contribute towards this effort….. share with us the movie you just watched and loved, or didn’t; the song that keeps you humming through the day; the drink that took the ‘edge off’; the ‘app’ that saved your day; the dish you made or had somewhere; a funny experience that kept you smiling; talk about the woman/women that have impacted you…. and anything else you would like to share…

Stay Colourful….. and Beautiful….

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