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It’s only the beginning of winter with temperatures in the single digits and thin layers of ice on wind shields.  The days are shorter with evenings creeping up on us sooner than we like.

The winter sun, however, shining in all it’s glory does perk one up.   I do look forward to a walk in the cool, brisk air basking in that glorious glow!
The change in time and the longer evenings can make you feel out of sorts which brings to the surface little annoyances and some larger grievances :(.
This is a good time to get your ‘Distant’ Reiki session, in the comfort and warmth of your own home.
So most people I mention the possibility of doing Reiki ‘distantly’ to initially look at me dubiously and wonder what I’m going to propose next!
I don’t blame them!
What is ‘Distant’ Reiki?
Reiki Channels like me attuned with Reiki II and above are also trained to heal people ‘distantly’.  The Reiki II Attunement teaches the Reiki Channel how to heal/treat a person who can not physically be in the presence of the Channel/Therapist.  (Reiki is always sent to do the ‘highest good’ for the recipient and only with their permission).
How does ‘Distant’ Reiki work?
Distant Reiki works in exactly the same way as hands-on Reiki with the same intensity and results.  The only difference is the therapist and the recipient are not together in the same room.  Just like a physical appointment, a date and time is agreed upon for the receiver to receive Reiki healing.  It is recommended that the recipient be in a quiet, calm room, either sitting up or laying down and open to receiving the healing energy.  Some soothing music playing if that helps them relax.  The therapist, at the appointed time, carries out the required treatment for the specified purpose on that recipient for the specified length of time.  The two people are in the same commitment time span, one receiving and one sending.
Why ‘Distant’ Reiki?
Personally I use it a lot to send healing energy to my parents, family, friends who live far away from me.  Sometimes post surgery, sometimes pre-surgery, sometimes after an incident or to heal an ailment and even during hardships.  Sometimes… just because!
I send it to my children if they are unwell and away from me.  I send it to my husband when I know he’s got a challenging day ahead.  I send it to my day so that my day goes smoothly.
I use ‘distant’ healing very often to heal the world.  When I hear of a natural disaster or an attack anywhere in the world – I send the place and the people affected by it loads of healing light and energy. More often then not I find myself holding an imaginary globe in my palms and give it love, love, love, and light.
Professionally I recommend Reiki to my clients who are doing a course of multiple sessions and can not always physically be at the studio.  We do some treatments hands-on and some treatments ‘distantly’.  For Reiki to be effective and do it’s ‘highest good’, it is recommended to be done in several sessions as it has a ‘layer-peeling’ effect and the repetition helps the energy get deep in to the ‘root’ of the issue.  It is not always practical to do a daily course of 4-6 sessions hand-on.  The efficacy is identical and not compromised.
Do call or message me for more information on Distant Healing.  Otherwise – I look forward to seeing you at the Studio!
In Love, Light & Reiki,

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