DPDF Series: And then they turned 3!

A week long celebrations for our 3 year olds!  I felt like I had planned an Indian wedding yesterday and literally just curled up for an afternoon nap while the boys were wondering what happened to me.

We have had 3 separate celebrations for them, and each one has been fun and special in their own way.  The first one was with all their baby group friends and many of my friends’ children whom they know. We did this at GoKids, N20.  I highly recommend this venue – on private hire – for a toddler’s birthday party.  The team there know how to look after the hosts and the guests and we literally just had to show up.

Then on their actual birthday we had family over, which was very, very, intimate and special, and Y & A enjoyed all the attention, yes and the gifts, they each received.  And wow!  a 2nd birthday cake!

Yesterday we had their school friends over, who really are their ‘besties’ as they spend the entire week with them.  This was a surprise party and boy they were so thrilled.  I had SillyMillie, the entertainer, for them and all the kids really enjoyed her silliness!

All the celebrations aside, I wanted to share the sweet things they have said and done in the last week that actually signifies to me the transition from terrific two’s to even more terrific three’s!

1.  While tucking A in to bed once night last week, I said, ‘Good night, God bless you, I love you,’ and right away he said, ‘I love you too!’.  Unprompted.  Just spontaneous.

2.  Another night I tucked Y in and before I could wish him good night he said, ‘I love you’.

3.  When the boys were younger, I used to sit on a folding stool and wash them in their tub and then gradually started to showered them.  Now the stool is used to brush their teeth or do a wee.  So last week while I was showering A, Y was on the stool brushing his teeth.  As soon as he was done brushing his teeth he brought the stool over to me and said, ‘mama, here, I bring you the stool, sit on it’.

My two little charmers and surely turning in to little heart breakers.  With all the craziness we go through…. NOTHING can make a mother’s heart feel so full and happy than these beautiful words and gestures.  It makes everything so worth it!


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