DPDF Series: 9:15 a.m. – And I’m ready to call it a day!

9:15a.m. and I’m ready to call it a day!

The boys were up at 6.15 a.m. and it’s been all go go go since then – and yes, in different directions.

Since their room is on the middle level, mine on the 2nd floor and everything else on the ground floor, obviously, one wanted to go up to my room to Papa and the other wanted to go make his new puzzle with me downstairs.

We all march up first, then all go down to begin the day.  And then it starts:

‘Mama, make the puzzle with me’.  ‘Mama I make breakfast with you’. ‘Mama I want to mix it’.  ‘Mama I want to put the raisins’.  ‘Mama give me water’.  ‘Mama what’s this?’.  ‘Mama I want to draw the curtain’.

And then when we all sit for breakfast – ‘Mama! You feed me!’ x 2!

A few spills of ingredients in the kitchen.  Breakfast done.  I’ve cleaned up and now racing against time to get us all ready for the day.  All the way up again to play with the toys in my room so I can shower.  Y barges in to the bathroom and fiddles with all the cosmetics and pours out my ‘ear piercing solution’, A turns on the tap.  Running out of my shower, I stop them, clean up, get them out, call out for Papa to take over.

I’m ready now and we’re getting the boys ready.  2 very hyper boys this morning, keep slipping out of our hands between each garment strip and each garment wear oh and this is after a toothbrush has been chucked in to the toilet.  We get these two slippery boys in to their uniforms and down to the buggy/stroller.  Another chase to get shoes & jackets on.  Then the hats and gloves.  Got one done, and the other one undoes his.  We do his and the other gets undone.

That’s it!  I roll them out without hats and gloves, just hoodies and tell them to sit on their hands.

We get to school and now they want to run around before going down to class.

I carry A down the stairs, deposit him in his class, and go up to get Y and repeat.

Both in the safe hands of their teachers, snack bags in their cubbies, gloves in the pockets.  Coats hung up and I’m out the door.  Ready for bed.  I’ve had my work out and my challenge/s for the day.  I’m ready for a cup of tea and my bed!

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