DPDF Series: Red Eyes, Dark Circles, Dull Brain = Zombie Mum

Yup!  It’s NOT always fun ‘n games as I sometimes like to think it is.  (Well, who said fantasising is bad??)

At some point I had this sleep thing down.  Almost 2 years ago, when the boys had turned 1, I employed the assistance of a sleep training clinic to help me sleep… ummmm…. indirectly.  I hired them to ‘teach’ me how to train my babies to sleep through the night.  3 days… and I had it figured out and I had 2 sleeping beauties – well 4, as we finally could sleep a good 6-8 hours at a stretch!  What a novelty that was.

As they say with children, or life in general, ‘it’s just a phase‘, ‘this too shall pass‘.  Well… this ‘phase‘ we are currently in has been way tooooo long and it is NOT passing! A hasn’t slept through the night in about 10 months – yes – okay- once a week we get a reprieve.  But my star sleeper Y was just amazing… head down, good night, and all smiles at 6:30a.m.  Not any more unfortunately, since he had a throat infection over a month ago, he has taken to sleeping ‘on’ me.  That’s all lovely and sweet and I would do that any time, but now, 5 weeks later, he’s still restless at night, and wants ‘only mama’.  This too I can handle, but not when there’s 2 waking up a 30 mins pattern after each other for a stretch of 2 hours and somehow there’s 4 of us in our bed, and they both still want ‘only mama’.

There are nights I get them to sleep back in their beds, but that’s as long as I sleep on the duvet on the floor in between their beds! Y sometimes is so compassionate at night, he comes and sleeps with me on the floor and says, ‘mama, I share my blanket with you’.  Awwww…. love you baby, but my legs are way longer than yours and somehow your blanket isn’t that long. Then in the 1 meter space between the beds, A decides he too needs to sleep with mama, and we’re all sandwiched together … Yes I know it’s sweet, and I know these days will never come back….:) 🙁 but for now, I’m a Zombie Mum.

When will this too pass?  Is it a ‘phase’? Will I be moaning in a few years that my boys won’t sleep with me anymore?


4 thoughts on “DPDF Series: Red Eyes, Dark Circles, Dull Brain = Zombie Mum

  1. You will certainly miss the middle-of-the night cuddles and being the centre of someone’s universe is the biggest compliment, BUT I don’t envy you at ALL! You poor thing, you have my sympathy, my EMPATHY!

    The grass is always greener, try pressing fast forward 10+ years…..you will be standing over both the boys, dragging them out of their beds on the weekend (yes, at midday!!) to get them to do stuff, their legs will be LONGER THAN YOURS!!!….then you will look back and smile knowingly and miss this! Oh, but they will always cuddle you (maybe just not near school friends or publicly!)! Enjoy the A&Y sandwich, just a temporary extension of your “congestion zone”, it won’t last long!

  2. Wakey wakey Zoobi woman.

    Trials and Tribulations and day to day challenges of a Mum of a single, twins or triplets,tiny tots, especially when they are boys. Remember the adage “boys will be boys” is very true. But the rewards are there. When little Y looks at you with that dimpled cute smile and says “mama carry me” all your tiredness melts away and you just want to hug him sooo tight not to ever let go of him. And A with his dreamy innocent eyes is ready for
    time out, you just want forget all that the Badmash Company is doing. Rewards of motherhood. Not to discourage you but the challenges have just begun. God Bless. – Mum ‘n Dad

  3. It does pass, I promise. S was such a bad sleeper and last year his habit was to wake every night and say “mama, I want to sleep in your bed” and so he did but finally he’s sleeping through in his (atleast until 5am) then he’s in with me (and I love morning cuddles), they’re only little for such a short time xx

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