First Day Back…

5 Weeks ago I went back to work for the first time since the boys were born. Well, first time going in to an ‘office’ as opposed to attempting work from home.

So on the day, I wake up earlier than usual, so I could get myself ready before the boys wake up, and get their breakfast and snack bags ready, etc. Everything goes really smoothly, the stars are aligned and in support of my efforts. The boys wake up on queue, breakfast, and then handover to Papa to finish getting them ready and in the buggy while I get their lunch organized and notes for the nanny.

We stroll out in perfect time to school, and half way there I looked down on Yash’s dangling feet and went in to instant Panic!!! No shoes!!!

NO!!! this is not happening! It was all going so well…..!!! What happened???

A quick call to Papa…. ‘Yash has no shoes, do I turn back around?’….. then be late for school and late for work on Day 1?? Papa comes to the rescue, drives over to meet me with the shoes while we wait on the side walk… and then we continue on…. Phew!! First day back funnies!! One can never be too prepared I guess… Murphy/Sod, whatever we call that law… has to make an entrance!

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