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massage-therapyFor Christmas, I received a gift voucher from hubby for a massage and a facial at the Cowshed.  Since then I have been waiting for a few spare hours to redeem them and surrender to some pampering.

I have had treatments at the Cowshed at Babington House, just outside Bath, and they are just amazing.  I love the Cowshed products and have never been let down by their treatments.  The Cowshed has since opened many spas around London and the closest one to me is in Primrose Hill.  So here I am on a sunny afternoon at Primrose Hill with a close friend whom I convinced to come along for a massage.

I found the spa very welcoming and refreshing, as a spa should be but is not always.  They have a lovely lounge just at the reception with Al Fresco seating which we just had to take advantage of.  We were then met by our respective therapists who walked us in to the our treatment rooms.

I was first given the signature Cowshed massage followed by their facial.  I had the choice of selecting a ‘relaxing oil’, ‘uplifting oil’ or a ‘balancing oil’ by smelling each one on cotton wool.  I chose the balancing oil as it resonated with my current mood.

As we got started, I mentioned to ‘Eva’ my therapist that I had twin boys aged 3 and hence my shoulder blades were quite tight carrying them a lot.  She immediately said that she was a mother of twin boys aged 5.  Boom!  Needless to say we had a connection, and we chatted some more as I needed to know how she found time to work full-time and give such an amazing massage and a facial when I get so exhausted all the time.

Eva then continued to tell me how she was a skin specialist and a beauty therapist prior to having the boys, and when they started nursery at age 3, she used those 3 hours studying to re-qualify and get back to work.  I learned she was a single mother. I learned she could focus on her goal while bringing up 2 little babies. I learned she is now an entrepreneur running her own beauty business other than temping at the Cowshed.  I learned that when you are focused and dedicated, you can do wonders for yourself and your family. I learned that even though life is challenging, one can still remain balanced and soft.

I had a relaxing, balancing, uplifting and inspiring massage and facial.

In support for a hard-working twins’ mum, I recommend Eva for your next facial in London.

And if you are looking for that ‘special spa’ in London for all your pampering treatments in a lovely, cozy venue, then you have to book in at the Primrose Hill Cowshed.

Enjoy a bit of self-indulgence… with both of them… Eva at the Cowshed!



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