The Red Carpet Evening…

STD21I have the pleasure of being a member of a lovely set of women called the YAWC (Young Asian Women’s Club). It is a non-profit/not-for-profit organization where we have monthly member-run events varying from an arts & craft session, bowling evenings, mini-golf & lunch, museum tours, make over sessions, first-aid classes given by the local fire-station, cocktail making evenings and even wine tasting and tapas nights. We then have our annual fundraiser held at Diwali time, which is our biggest fund raiser of the year. We have been fortunate to raise money now to support the entire education of 15 children and 1 teacher at the Parmanand School in Bangalore, India.

This year we had a lovely evening titled ‘The Red Carpet Event’ at the Hendon Hall. Dinner, Casino Tables, Entertainment, lovely Raffle Prizes and an amazing DJ, and our lovely guest made the evening magical and helped us raise funds for yet another year of supporting our children in Bangalore. A huge THANKS to all our sponsors, supporters and donors for enriching and empowering these children!

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