Happy & New – The Year 2016

IMG_7124Happy New Year!

It’s the 4th of January (3rd still if you are anywhere West of the UK).

How are you faring with your ‘New Year Resolutions’?

Did they start on the 1st of January? ¬†Or are you waiting – like me – for Monday – the first day of the week? ūüôā

I ask these questions as I can not remember the last time I have made a NY Resolution but am always curious as to know how people who do make them see them through.

I was at a fantastic NY Eve party this year hosted by good friends at their home. ¬†It was just the way I remember NYE parties back in LA – plain good fun with plain good people! ¬†The best way to end a year and start another. ¬†So during the typical ‘what’s your new year’s resolution’ conversations I asked someone… when is it a new year for you? Your birthday or the new calendar year?’

For me it’s usually my birthday when I am turning a year older, when I am embarking on a NEW year and number. ¬†That’s when I get pensive or enthusiastic and think of ‘who/how I am going to be’ in that new year/age.

I asked a group of my good friends today to send me their list of New Year ‘News’ that they wanted to accomplish to give me¬†some inspiration. ¬†I got a great response from one of them… ‘What are you looking forward to saying goodbye to in 2016?’. ¬†Brilliant answer Simi! ¬†My answer – BS. ¬†Primarily mine and then blocking out all the noise around me!

We all carry some kind of emotional or mental baggage. ¬†Road blocks or barriers in many cases. ¬†I sure have my own set of them. ¬†However, without giving it much thought and without contemplating on resolutions, when I look back at the last few days of 2015 and the first couple of days of 2016, I feel like I have naturally shed some of my BS just by being around the right set of people and listening to their own dialogues of being their ‘better self’. ¬†Listening to my peers on how they make their choices and admiring them for their courage and focus on managing in a positive way their own ‘full plates’.

So then it’s just obvious how I want this year to flow for me –¬†and yes I dare to write it publicly as I mentioned in a previous post – there is a power to writing your desires and goals – they do manifest – somewhere, sometime.

  1.  Surround myself with the people I admire (admiration has so many levels especially for us women).  Engage in more dialogue with them.  Imbibe the qualities I admire.  Learn from them by listening to them.
  2. Open my horizons to learning new ideas, concepts, skills. ¬†I realise now that this does not have to happen in separate ‘me’ time. ¬†This process can transpire simultaneously while engaging in my duties and roles in life. ¬†There is room to grow and learn just there without looking afar.

Baby steps. ¬†As I still have my birthday new year to look forward to when I can look back and see how far I’ve come and what do I need to tweak for the new year to come.

I would love to hear your new thoughts for yourself this new year.  Please share.  Sharing and dialogue is key to a healthy mind and healthy relationships!

Wishing you a brilliant and beautiful 2016 with our without resolutions. ¬†If you have them… then I wish you consistency and focus!



1 thought on “Happy & New – The Year 2016

    It is ritual to make these Resolutions. And Yes why on the1st of the New Year only. Why not when you are very Happy or when you are sad? I think there is no fixed time for that. Only when your mind tells you that it is time to change your life a lot more than anything. Take a stock of your life whenever you can spare a few minutes, which can be everyday, every few days or months. That way you will keep a track on your negative and positive contents and when you do decide to remove the negative from your system, that is the
    perfect time for a New Resolution. As my Baba says keep a glass apothecary jar with a label’Happiness Jar’ to put in your happiest moments, moments of glory and not so pleasant moments on a piece of paper and at the end, the time is yours to choose, take them out and see the equation which will help you in your Resolutions.

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