I’m a mother, I’m a daughter. I’m a daughter , I’m a mother.

3 weeks ago my mamma underwent a scheduled surgery involving reconstruction of a bone and skin grafting. Being that we live in different continents and not being able to leave my boys at the time all I could do was pray for a successful surgery.

That day I found myself deep-rooted in the ‘middle’ generation. Between my parents and my children. It’s quite a privileged place to be and yet it’s that place and time in my life I find myself praying for the good health of my parents and for the good health and development of my children. It’s a magical place and an un matchable emotion to be a parent and a child.

I have had the urge to fulfil my call of duty as a daughter to help care for my mother and my father who is so dedicated in  nursing my mother back to a speedy and healthy recovery. However to do this I need to for a few days not be a mother and leave my children to be looked after by their father and grandmother.  A strange place to be as both roles are equally important to me.

Nurturing my nurturer and nurturing my babies.

I am on my way to be the daughter.

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  1. The old saying that seniors and children are same is so true. When the daughter becomes a mother, the transformation is magical. I experienced that recently when my daughter visited me after my 10hour long surgery. Inspite of stopping her from coming here, when I saw my darling little girl near me, my happiness knew no bounds. She cooked for me, took care of my needs, went shopping and did all that as if she had never left me. I am truly blessed to have beautiful daughter and daughters in law who love me no end.

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