DPDF Series: The Twin Magic

The last few weeks have been an amazing and magical experience with the boys.  They’ve properly embarked on the beautiful twin journey.  Their bond is now so visible and their gestures and conversations with each other are sweet and hilarious at times.

When I have one or both of them in bed with me, when either one wakes up, he looks for the other and wants to wake this brother up.  Whichever one it is, Y or A, he will say something that only they understand, in their twin code, and the other one just opens his eyes and smiles so wide and repeats the word…. and the day begins… with smiles, then giggles, and then later fights… 🙂

A couple of nights ago, Y went to sleep in the ‘island’ between the two beds, on the duvet that is considered ‘mama’s bed’. A wanted to sleep next to him and kept sliding in next to him and putting his arm around Y’s neck.  Unfortunately for awhile it was too stimulating and so I had to separate them, but despite that, they still fell asleep next to each other with their arms around each other.  So precious. Wish I had taken a photo.

Tonight, I had Y fall calm down while sleeping over me and then moved him to the ‘island’ while I went to A’s bed to settle him.  When all 3 of us were silent, breathing softly in the dark, there was a soft voice:

Y:  ‘A… where’s mama?’,

another soft voice responds….’Y… she’s here’

A:  ‘With you A?’

Y:  ‘Yes, mama’s here’

A:  ‘With you? On top of you?’ (what he meant … are you sleeping on top of her?)

Y:  ‘Yes, mama is here, up’  (mama is here on my bed)

A mellow excitement follows with Y, and then I threaten to leave the room.

A:  ‘No wait mama…. I tell a story.  There was a small boy at a bus stop… and he………………’

I was in a sweet shock and just stayed there listening to my almost 3-year-old make up a bed time story.

Just as he got done, I started to slip out of the room, and Y started…’and now I tell a story mama…. there was a boy…..’)

A sweet, sweet, blessed moment.  May they keep continuing…. for me! and of course for each other….

Happy UK Mother’s Day!