Fertility and You

As far as mankind has progressed with science and medicine, ironically there also seems to be an increased number of individuals/couples struggling with fertility.

The natural function of bearing a child is getting harder and harder due to a large number of factors, namely poor diet, stress, hyper/hectic lifestyles and unreasonable demands we put on ourselves, our bodies and our partners.  We have unknowingly created this vicious cycle that is now inhibiting a natural function of our body.

Today, the words ‘holistic’ and ‘mindfulness’ are so common and used in every context possible.  There is a reason for this.  We have lost touch with ourselves and with basic human needs such as love, affection, respect, time, and long deep breaths.  We make check lists, bucket lists, expectation lists, to do lists, etc, and just keep ploughing through them until we hit a major road block.  This causes anxiety, stress, depression, self-doubt and a vicious cycle that then makes us keep hitting more road blocks.

When it comes to fertility and family planning, we need to move away from the check-list and approach it ‘holistically’ from the get go.

Here are some thoughts to consider before embarking on this beautiful and sometimes trying journey:

  1.  Are you mentally and emotionally ready for this ride?
  2. Is your partner mentally and emotionally ready for this journey?
  3. Are you taking a step back from your hectic lifestyle and the pressures you put on yourself?
  4. Have you taken a moment to breathe and exhale?
  5. Are you physically fit? By this I mean, healthy and active with a good diet.

You and your partner need to be in a good (healthy – physically, emotionally and mentally) place to conceive.  It is natural to have at least one unsuccessful attempts, sometimes 2.  Let this not send you into a tail spin as once again you will get on that vicious cycle.

What I would like to suggest before you reach out for medical assistance/intervention, is to get your mind and body ‘baby ready‘.

Here are some basic and common ideas but they are very powerful in their effect:

  1. Evaluate your diet – ensure it is nutritious and wholesome.
  2. Start or maintain a physical fitness routine – this doesn’t have to be a heavy session at the gym, but even a long walk 2-3 times a week out in nature.
  3. Spend more ‘quality’ time with your partner – romantic, light, happy, positive, fun.  Spend less time discussing ‘baby’, to-do’s etc.
  4. Surround yourself with positive people, energy, books, activities, music.
  5. Cleanse, re-balance and revitalise your body – this is where natural therapies come in.  Use a complementary therapy that resonates with you and a therapist you connect with to remove negative energies in your aura and in your body, unblock your internal blocks be it mental or emotional and re-align and re-connect with yourself.
  6. Engage in a hobby or activity that you really enjoy and love – dance, musical instruments, performing arts, reading, cycling…

All of the above give your cells what they need to make your body function the way it is intended to.   Treat your body with love and respect.  Once you have made it so ‘baby-friendly’ you will experience a much higher success rate with either naturally conceiving or having IVF or hormone therapy.   You have a responsibility to yourself to make it happen.

Happy thoughts!





1 thought on “Fertility and You

  1. Anupa you have actually covered all aspects on the very important subject of ‘Making Babies’ and even poured out all possible ‘Remedies’ or should I say ‘solutions’. And while I marvel at today’s emancipated woman and due respect to education, she is obliged to make a career for herself. And by that time the clock is ticking away. Now she would like to have a partner who is at her par. How about going back in the reverse gear and get married while still pursuing your Degree and have babies? It is just a thought. I think Reiki is the word

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