DPDF: My Heart Skips a Beat



I am thoroughly enjoying this age and stage that the boys are in.  Their sentences are so well-formed that every time they say something new, it throws me off guard.  Most of the time I just burst out laughing at the things they come up with.

But what really makes my heart skip a beat is the dialogue between the two of them.  Their life long bond and friendship is forming its early roots.  ‘A’ loves to engage ‘Y’ in a game or an activity.  He says his brother’s name with such love and earnesty.  He makes ‘Y’ giggle a lot, and I just love the sound of both their voices.  (That’s when they’re not pulling each other’s hair out!).

‘Y’ loves to play his guitar (his 3rd ukulele) and sing.  He takes on the persona of ‘Toby’ – the singer who comes to their nursery every week.  He picks a cushion, stool or chair while carrying his ‘guitar’ and finds a place in front of his audience.  Most of the time it’s ‘A’.  He sits, tunes his ‘guitar’ and says, ‘what song would you like today, A?’ And the two of them begin their duets of ‘Ba Ba Black Sheep’, ‘Wheels on the Bus’, ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ and ‘I can sing a Rainbow’.  It just melts my heart.

Although ‘A’ likes to give his brother a whack some times or tug at his long hair (Y just had a crew cut yesterday), he exhibits generosity and compassion to him when needed.  He won’t allow me to walk away from ‘Y’ when he has a tantrum or fusses about something.

And then they instigate each other to create mischief!  They were sitting at the kitchen table this morning for breakfast and they remembered the carton of beer sitting below.  ‘A’ randomly gets a mischievous glint in his eyes and says, ‘Y – let’s have beer’ and they both scrambled under the table and take a can each! – yes I caught them on time!

When one of them whines for hubby or me at bed time after they’re tucked in, the other one says really sweetly, ‘Mama is coming or Papa is coming’.

It’s all music to my ears and they are so blessed to have each other.