The power of writing your intentions


On August 19th, 2006 I was in California visiting my family.  On that particular day I was in Hanford, California visiting my brother and his family and my besties from LA drove up (3.5 hours) to surprise me. It was my 21st (NOT!) birthday!  I was clearly surprised that the 3 of them – Roma, Sumita & Anita would leave their families and businesses to come all that way to surprise me and spend a good 24 hours with all of us.  I stayed that night with them at the Comfort Inn where I made a diary entry of all the things I wanted to do that year and other things I aspired for.   I forgot about this, never made another entry in this diary and buried it in a drawer.  While Diwali cleaning this year, I dug out my pretty velvet book and read through it and I found this:








‘I’d like to write a couple of books.  My inspiration – mum, my family & friends, my life, women, the Indian culture.’  


Some of the things I am so passionate about that I wanted to write about them.

On that day, in 2006, I had also written that I wanted to have a baby, that I wanted to spend more time at the gym, and I wanted to surround myself with real quality people.  In 2012 I had 2 babies, not 1.  I am at the gym 2-3 times a week (yes I know it doesn’t look like it!), and I am so blessed to have only the best people around me.

In 2014 I started this blog.  Writing about my mum, my friends, my life with my kids, women that inspire me.

I had read so many books and heard so many new age philosophers talk about the power of writing your intentions.  Write in chits of paper, fold them up and put it in the jar.  Write your aspirations.  Write positive thoughts.  Write.  I had no idea it would actually happen.  When I look back now, every time I open different note books, diaries, etc. and I find an aspiration or dream of mine that I had written and when I take stock… I see that I can check many of them off.

In 2014, forgetting I had written a desire about writing in my diary, it manifested itself in another form.  Not a book, but a blog where I can share my short or long thoughts.  Where I can share my people.

It made me understand that :

  1.  If you want something, write it down and want it from your heart.  Now let the universe do it’s magic.
  2. There is no immediate gratification.  You need patience.
  3. You need to want the same thing consistently.  In 2011 I tried to set up a vlog (video b/log) of the people I wanted to feature but got absorbed in my twin pregnancy. Again, it was a thought on the same path.
  4. That thought, that wish will manifest itself at the ‘right’ time.  I strongly believe that there IS a ‘right’ time for everything.

Some thoughts to leave you with…

11931148_1617859275155479_1798261123_n write-goals-down-2








Stay blessed… stay beautiful my friends….

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3 thoughts on “The power of writing your intentions

  1. Ok I’m convinced! I am going to write down my goals! I believe you create your future. I love this idea of getting there through writing down where you want to be! Thanks so much for linking up with #candidcuddles it’s lovely to have you x

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