Today I had the pleasure of being caught in a cross-fire between two sisters-in-law who could not stop gushing about each other!  Yes, you heard me… gushing…

In the morning, on my journey in to work, I called one of my best friends to catch up as it had been awhile.  Yesterday was her birthday and being the beautiful and popular girl that she is, I could barely just wish her ‘happy birthday’, so today was our catch up conversation.  Her brother’s wife, also a beautiful soul, was en-route to London today and I was due to have lunch with her.  The conversation was about how my friend’s sis-in-law spent the entire day organising my friend’s birthday along with some surprises all at her home while also preparing to catch a flight to London that night. She couldn’t stop praising her and all the beautiful things she does unselfishly.

Then I had lunch with the sister-in-law who couldn’t stop speaking about her husband’s sister in the highest of regard and how her birthday was so special because she is so special and how she gives so much of herself which was rewarded on her birthday by even the children she works with at a refugee camp.

Both girls have grown up with each other, and have been close through out.  My friend was always told by her parents to learn to be like their daughter-in-law and today the daughter-in-law says how she is learning so much from the daughter.  They are both on a spiritual path, both so giving of their time, so positive, unbelievably helpful and so unlike typical human nature, have no personal agenda or ulterior motive to benefit from their goodness.  They spend their time and money generously towards many charitable organisations or people in need.  They’re growing in leaps and bounds and are such amazing inspirations to all of us who are lucky to have them in our lives.  You will never hear these two speak ill of anyone, and have this natural knack of bringing out the best in anyone, in any situation.

I have been and still am a recipient of their love, dedication, friendship and loyalty and am so blessed to call them my friends… my sisters.  They make me want to be a better person.  They make me want to see the good in everybody.  They make me want to see all people as equal and worthy of love and respect.

Isn’t it just beautiful to see two women have continuous love and respect for each other and use each other as their guide to continue to climb the ladder of goodness, of duty, of love?  It is so contagious.

To all my sisters: cousins, sisters-in-law, sisters from other mothers (my amazing friends), and all you beautiful women… here’s to being ‘sisters-in-love’.  May we always stand united in being our best selves and to build a community of love, of respect, of being unselfish, and to keep this goodness going.


2 thoughts on “Sisters-in-Love

  1. So now I’m crying and feeling even more blessed!!

    Love you Nupi and am enjoying your journey thru life in your words!!! You make me so proud every time I speak to you … Watching you grow is a magical process – so beautiful and so hard to express in words … Can feel my heart swell!!!

    Love you so so much and am truly grateful for you in my life!!!

    • Ok… so not so emotional yaar. You’ll make us two a pair of crying sillies!
      Love you always for who you are and what you do and what you create.

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