Today I had the pleasure of being caught in a cross-fire between two sisters-in-law who could not stop gushing about each other!  Yes, you heard me… gushing…

In the morning, on my journey in to work, I called one of my best friends to catch up as it had been awhile.  Yesterday was her birthday and being the beautiful and popular girl that she is, I could barely just wish her ‘happy birthday’, so today was our catch up conversation.  Her brother’s wife, also a beautiful soul, was en-route to London today and I was due to have lunch with her.  The conversation was about how my friend’s sis-in-law spent the entire day organising my friend’s birthday along with some surprises all at her home while also preparing to catch a flight to London that night. She couldn’t stop praising her and all the beautiful things she does unselfishly.

Then I had lunch with the sister-in-law who couldn’t stop speaking about her husband’s sister in the highest of regard and how her birthday was so special because she is so special and how she gives so much of herself which was rewarded on her birthday by even the children she works with at a refugee camp.

Both girls have grown up with each other, and have been close through out.  My friend was always told by her parents to learn to be like their daughter-in-law and today the daughter-in-law says how she is learning so much from the daughter.  They are both on a spiritual path, both so giving of their time, so positive, unbelievably helpful and so unlike typical human nature, have no personal agenda or ulterior motive to benefit from their goodness.  They spend their time and money generously towards many charitable organisations or people in need.  They’re growing in leaps and bounds and are such amazing inspirations to all of us who are lucky to have them in our lives.  You will never hear these two speak ill of anyone, and have this natural knack of bringing out the best in anyone, in any situation.

I have been and still am a recipient of their love, dedication, friendship and loyalty and am so blessed to call them my friends… my sisters.  They make me want to be a better person.  They make me want to see the good in everybody.  They make me want to see all people as equal and worthy of love and respect.

Isn’t it just beautiful to see two women have continuous love and respect for each other and use each other as their guide to continue to climb the ladder of goodness, of duty, of love?  It is so contagious.

To all my sisters: cousins, sisters-in-law, sisters from other mothers (my amazing friends), and all you beautiful women… here’s to being ‘sisters-in-love’.  May we always stand united in being our best selves and to build a community of love, of respect, of being unselfish, and to keep this goodness going.



I was reading The Week and came across an interesting fact: apparently one in four British women go clubbing with their mothers, according to a Usurv survey; 36% invite their mothers to social events with their friends.

Reading this made me smile at first. I then had this bizarre mental image of being invited by my “best friend forever”, my daughter, to a pub, agreeing to go and then finding myself sitting around a table with a bunch of young girls, chatting about their boyfriends or something and feeling incredibly out of place. Why would I want to feel that way?

Call me a cynic but I think survey statistics are sometimes begging to be challenged. One in four British women may go clubbing with their mothers but perhaps not because they want to! Also, 36% may invite their mothers to social events with their friends but what percentage actually goes?

These facts were written to suggest that the generation gap is closing fast in Britain. Indeed, our digital age has brought us closer together with regards to information access and social media; my “Baby Boomer” mum loves WhatsApp and uses it happily to share photos and jokes with me, as I do with my “millennial” daughter. And yes, I have invited my mother in the past to come out with my “Generation X” friends and myself, but only when I knew she really didn’t have anything else to do. But on occasion, she did also express a concern that it might be “awkward”, not for us but for her as a minority older person in a younger crowd.

I guess the question I am asking is: “why is it necessary for the generation gap to close?”.  One answer can be found in the workplace. We still find that when multi-generational employees work in teams, different work ethics, motivational tactics and capabilities can prohibit working towards that common goal. However, I think it is important to recognise the different supporting roles that we play to our older and younger generations; we can celebrate the strengths of older generations with their stronger work ethic and whilst still acknowledging that younger generations will generally learn and adapt faster in our evolving technological environment.

When I was younger and struggled to make friends, my mother always reminded me that she would always be my best friend, no matter what.  I repeat the same to my daughter today, when she needs to hear it. In our family, we have BFFs across different generations, and maybe over time, the gap will close as our relationships evolve. In the meantime, my mother, my daughter and I will continue to enjoy learning about one another; striving to develop a common language peppered by our multi-generational experiences.

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Reunion in Paradise

photo 5

Ahhh….. I LOVE the ocean! I just love looking in to the expanse of the blue water, listening to the waves and watching the sun’ rays glisten and dance on the water.

On my last two trips to LA I have been fortunate to visit Crystal Cove. The first visit was a romantic morning walk with hubby along the shore, followed by breakfast at Beachcombers. It was really a lovely way to start our runaway weekend from the kids! …
The 2nd time was inspired by my friend, Anita Dhillon, who will soon be featured in the Colourful Women page. Anita jogs  at least 4 miles along and 4 miles back on this beautiful coastline every weekend. This time it was a reunion of 3 of us friends – such a beautiful way to catch up while connecting with God’s gift to us and getting a work out!!
We walked, talked, jogged, and stopped to soak in the Sun’s energy, Nature’s beauty, and the moment.  It surely was a new way for us to get together.  Not at a bar, not at a restaurant, and not in Las Vegas!  Perhaps it’s a sign of the times…  A new age, a new thought, and a new feeling… It was perfect!
Pictures speak THOUSANDS of words… BUT the video will hopefully connect you to that moment of magic in paradise. (redundant?) that’s how much I loved it!