2017 – What is YOUR story?

Happy New Year to you all!

On the 17th day of the new year?  Is it already starting to feel old?  Or are you still revelling in the magic of the holidays and ringing in the New Year with near and dear ones?

We have all had a couple of weeks to settle in post the holiday madness – and settle in with our resolutions.

While making resolutions for this year… have you had a moment to reflect upon the previous year and how many resolutions you accomplished and went the whole 12 months with?  The ones that you did honour through the year have probably now become second nature to you; in which case, well done!

And now for your story.

We all tell ourselves a ‘story’ about who we are, the image we have of ourselves and our lives, of our families, of our careers, and the image we ‘think’ people have of us and the impressions we want to make.   Many choose a positive and happy story and many choose a story of sorry and self-pity.  In between these two, there are millions of different stories we create.  I also say ‘choose’ because for most part we do ‘choose’ our story.  We want it to be a certain way because of the results it brings us – results we are attached too.  Then we get so wrapped up in it and make it so real that we can’t tell the difference between our reality and our story.

So this year… I encourage everyone to take a pen and journal (that’s if you can resist using an electronic device) and WRITE your story for 2017.  Create it now, and put down exactly the way you desire it to be. Create a story of who you are inside and outside – are your light and happy ?  are you sad and in reminiscing on the ‘good old days’?  are you regretful of things you hadn’t done or accomplished till this moment?  are you eager to start a new day every morning?  are you a victim of circumstance?  are you in the driver’s seat with full control?  are you cautious?  are you adventurous?  In what state of mind is your character in this story?  Who does this character really want to be this year?  Who does this character want to be around?  What do you want to be around?  Write down everything that would make your life work this year and what would bring joy to your heart.  Write down all the names of the people you would like to interact with this year and in what capacity and situations. Write down all the places you would like to visit this year and why; all the material things you want to possess.  Write down how you see each element in your life unfold month by month and where you imagine yourself to be at the end of the year.

Write and create a way; keep adding paragraphs and chapters.  You can go back to any page at any time and edit it, adjust it, add to it, take away from it.  It’s YOUR story!

Note:  no resolutions, no goals, no promises.  Just your story for 2017.

Happy 2017!