What goes around…£10

A week ago I wanted to place £10 in a charity box.  I did not have the cash and was not close to an ATM.  While on my chores run, I was at the supermarket and self-checked out my purchases.  On my way out I realised I had a a £10 voucher I should have used.  I went to Customer Service to see if they would honour it and they gave me £10 back!  Guess where I went with that note???  YUP!  To the Charity Box!

Today, as I was checking out of my week’s groceries including a purchase of soft drinks and juices to feed the homeless (through the YAWC), I handed some papers to the lady thinking – ‘probably a few pennies will be knocked off’.  As it turned out… I got £10 off my shopping of the drinks I purchased for the homeless!!

The circle of energy… The circle of giving, getting, and intentions…


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