Day 3: What made you smile today?

What lovely stories! Huge smiles on my face. Thank you for sharing your Day 2 smiles.


In our busy and hectic lives, sometimes we forget to stop and smile, hold back a laugh, or get pulled down by unhappy people. Then we have the continuous depressing reality of the world at large with senseless murders, wars, etc. and the wrath of Mother Nature.

Not too long ago there was the 100 Happy Days phenomenon that encouraged millions of people around the world to keep a social media photo diary for 100 days of things that made one happy each day.

We need this phenomenon to continue for our own selves and to keep positive energy around us which then multiplies into massive movement of positive energy.

I would like to encourage each one of you to share with me and all the readers on what brings a smile to your face everyday. Everyday for the next 30 days (to begin with), in the comment box below, please share with me what brought a smile to your face that day. It can be absolutely anything. Be open to all the that’s out there.

Are you in?

4 thoughts on “Day 3: What made you smile today?

  1. A beautiful morning – one on one with my little Y. A had a bit of a lie-in so Y and I bonded over breakfast. He sat on the kitchen table humming away while I was requested to make banana pancakes. Then we sat and ate together while he told me his little stories.

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