Winter Warmer – Distance Reiki

    Heal the World


It’s only the beginning of winter with temperatures in the single digits and thin layers of ice on wind shields.  The days are shorter with evenings creeping up on us sooner than we like.

The winter sun, however, shining in all it’s glory does perk one up.   I do look forward to a walk in the cool, brisk air basking in that glorious glow!
The change in time and the longer evenings can make you feel out of sorts which brings to the surface little annoyances and some larger grievances :(.
This is a good time to get your ‘Distant’ Reiki session, in the comfort and warmth of your own home.
So most people I mention the possibility of doing Reiki ‘distantly’ to initially look at me dubiously and wonder what I’m going to propose next!
I don’t blame them!
What is ‘Distant’ Reiki?
Reiki Channels like me attuned with Reiki II and above are also trained to heal people ‘distantly’.  The Reiki II Attunement teaches the Reiki Channel how to heal/treat a person who can not physically be in the presence of the Channel/Therapist.  (Reiki is always sent to do the ‘highest good’ for the recipient and only with their permission).
How does ‘Distant’ Reiki work?
Distant Reiki works in exactly the same way as hands-on Reiki with the same intensity and results.  The only difference is the therapist and the recipient are not together in the same room.  Just like a physical appointment, a date and time is agreed upon for the receiver to receive Reiki healing.  It is recommended that the recipient be in a quiet, calm room, either sitting up or laying down and open to receiving the healing energy.  Some soothing music playing if that helps them relax.  The therapist, at the appointed time, carries out the required treatment for the specified purpose on that recipient for the specified length of time.  The two people are in the same commitment time span, one receiving and one sending.
Why ‘Distant’ Reiki?
Personally I use it a lot to send healing energy to my parents, family, friends who live far away from me.  Sometimes post surgery, sometimes pre-surgery, sometimes after an incident or to heal an ailment and even during hardships.  Sometimes… just because!
I send it to my children if they are unwell and away from me.  I send it to my husband when I know he’s got a challenging day ahead.  I send it to my day so that my day goes smoothly.
I use ‘distant’ healing very often to heal the world.  When I hear of a natural disaster or an attack anywhere in the world – I send the place and the people affected by it loads of healing light and energy. More often then not I find myself holding an imaginary globe in my palms and give it love, love, love, and light.
Professionally I recommend Reiki to my clients who are doing a course of multiple sessions and can not always physically be at the studio.  We do some treatments hands-on and some treatments ‘distantly’.  For Reiki to be effective and do it’s ‘highest good’, it is recommended to be done in several sessions as it has a ‘layer-peeling’ effect and the repetition helps the energy get deep in to the ‘root’ of the issue.  It is not always practical to do a daily course of 4-6 sessions hand-on.  The efficacy is identical and not compromised.
Do call or message me for more information on Distant Healing.  Otherwise – I look forward to seeing you at the Studio!
In Love, Light & Reiki,

DPDF: Stop and pick the dandelions


We were at Regents’ Park on Sunday morning for a kiddie football lesson.  It was the first sunny and relatively warm day we have had in a while, so all four of us went.

A stunning day indeed, the boys were happy to be out running around and tumbling down the hill with their buddies. We had a mini picnic then proceeded to leave.  Papa and little A went a head leaving little Y and me strolling down the path.

My little boy decided to really ssssttttttrrrrrrroooooollllllll and stopped several times to pick up the little yellow dandelions growing wild.  He didn’t just pick them.  He looked at them, analyzed them.  Some were too big, some were too small, some he didn’t pick with the stem (which upset him) and some he did.  But each dandelion that he was satisfied with was for each one of us while we discarded the other’s that didn’t make the cut (literally).

I was getting a little impatient at one point and then just stopped and observed him.  He was paying attention to his environment.  He noticed the yellow flowers.  He noticed the differences.  He realised they were pretty and wanted to pick one for all of us including himself.  So pure, so natural, so beautiful, so innocent, so thoughtful.

It made me realise that I needed to see the world now through the boys’ eyes.  I needed to stop.  I needed to allow him his little curious spirit.

The beautiful lessons you learn through the clarity of a child’s eyes… it’s priceless.


Top 10 ways to spend Easter/Spring break in London with kids

There are some really fun and diverse activities in London to experience with children.  Not all are exclusive to Easter, but there are some Spring launches and then there are the ever greens.  See what catches yours or your child’s fancy.

1.  Easter Egg Hunts

Covent Garden Market
Covent Garden Market

2.  The London Transport Museum has just launched ‘All Aboard’ today, the museum’s new play zone.

 3.  Just being at Southbank.  There’s a market for food lovers on April 3rd-April 6th.

Shaun in the City
Shaun in the City

4. Shaun in the City Sculpture Hunt all over London.  March 28th – May 25th

5.  Charlie and the Chocolate Factory playing at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane

6.  Hotel Chocolate Tasting Experience on the London-Eye.

7.  The London Duck Tour.

8.  Giant Duck Hunt at the WWT London Wetland Centre March 28th – April 12th.

Giant Duck Hunt WWT London Wetland Centre
Giant Duck Hunt WWT London Wetland Centre

9.  Discover Children’s Story Centre, Stratford.  

10.  Sensational Butterflies Exhibition at The Natural History Museum.  April 2nd – September 13th.


Sensational Butterflies
Sensational Butterflies

“That time of the Month?”

I was at Pilates, again. On this particular Saturday, the Studio was packed. There were two women chatting together, quite audibly (I was not eavesdropping) about how exhausted they felt and one of them sighed and remarked, “Well, I always feel like this when there is a Full Moon, I’ve noticed that about myself.”

Now, maybe I misheard her but it did get me thinking. We as women have always talked about the mood swings, the physical pain and fatigue and the generally rubbish-like feeling that we feel during that time of the month but I’ve not heard about this time, the Full Moon, ever given as an explanation before. While my logical internal voice was thinking about the possible scientific reasons for her observation, my other more cynical internal voice decoded, “maybe she was just saying that but what she really meant was that she was having a bad period week?”

As these two internal voices continue to verbally arm-wrestle, my external voice ponders about how women today, including myself, perceive the “chum” as my Mum positively introduced it to me, many years ago. I always thought my monthly bleed was a nuisance but something one could use to an advantage; it was a “get out of swimming” card for many of us at school. I even recall more recently, attending a family funeral and noticing my cousin’s absence, I sought her out only to find her curled up at the top of the stairs, clutching her mobile, mouthing to me that she was (winking) “on” so she wasn’t to attend the prayers below.

I know that by using a normal, biological, monthly occurrence as an excuse, we are probably propagating the notion that women are the delicate sex but the fact is that most women will experience some inconvenience or discomfort during their period and I don’t think we should be ashamed to talk about it. On the contrary, we should and do exercise our right to complain (!) but then we move on.

I read an article about Heather Watson’s explanation for defeat due to “girl things” at the Australian Open. The article suggested that talking about menstruation might set women back in the world of sport but acknowledged that she had every right to point at her period as a reason for under-performing and that maybe more athletes will feel free to do the same from hereon, when relevant.

On the same day, I also came across an article written by an 18 year old girl in India about how fed up she was by the “taboo” label attached to this subject matter. She wrote about how women in India are still prohibited today from participating in normal activities when they have their period and how this is “archaic”. I agree with her (and we all know that this doesn’t just happen in India). However, I had hoped that she would gently acknowledge how and why traditional ideas and beliefs in India evolved: in yesterday’s India and the world, there was relatively no access to good feminine hygiene products and education and so fear and ignorance determined behaviour and bias.

There is little excuse for this cultural cover-up today and for future generations of women, open recognition and discussion of a menstrual period for what it is, plain and simple, should negate the negativity in time. So let that time start now.

Reunion in Paradise

photo 5

Ahhh….. I LOVE the ocean! I just love looking in to the expanse of the blue water, listening to the waves and watching the sun’ rays glisten and dance on the water.

On my last two trips to LA I have been fortunate to visit Crystal Cove. The first visit was a romantic morning walk with hubby along the shore, followed by breakfast at Beachcombers. It was really a lovely way to start our runaway weekend from the kids! …
The 2nd time was inspired by my friend, Anita Dhillon, who will soon be featured in the Colourful Women page. Anita jogs  at least 4 miles along and 4 miles back on this beautiful coastline every weekend. This time it was a reunion of 3 of us friends – such a beautiful way to catch up while connecting with God’s gift to us and getting a work out!!
We walked, talked, jogged, and stopped to soak in the Sun’s energy, Nature’s beauty, and the moment.  It surely was a new way for us to get together.  Not at a bar, not at a restaurant, and not in Las Vegas!  Perhaps it’s a sign of the times…  A new age, a new thought, and a new feeling… It was perfect!
Pictures speak THOUSANDS of words… BUT the video will hopefully connect you to that moment of magic in paradise. (redundant?) that’s how much I loved it!